Triodor, international from the get-go

With our focus lying on the globalization and internationalization of companies, one name immediately came to my mind: Triodor. Triodor Software, better known as Triodor, is a company established by  Dutch entrepreneurs with origins in Turkey. Triodor as a company is the result of the inspiring story of an entrepreneur with a dream, willing to go all in to establish this dream.

 Atilla Aytekin

One interesting thing about Triodor is that it has been international as soon as it was established. When Triodor was founded in 2003, it had a front-office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and a research and development center in Istanbul, Turkey. Like it’s founders, the company was born with two nationalities: a Dutch and a Turkish one.

This, I think, is an interesting subject to talk about. With certain entrepreneurs having two backgrounds when it comes to nationality, these people who are usually experiencing the disadvantages of their double nationality due to not really belonging to either nationality might be at a strong advantage compared to others when it comes to running a global business or developing a multinational business concept. The founders of Triodor had both a Turkish and Dutch background, giving them ties to and knowledge about both countries. This results in a great opportunity to come up with a business strategy that connects both of these countries, just like these entrepreneurs have been trying to connect the duality of their origins for their entire lives.


As we all know, it’s very important to have a waterproof business strategy before going abroad. Knowledge of the countries you want to expand to is mandatory, and therefore you usually have to do research about various countries. However, having a double nationality grants you knowledge about at least two different countries from the get-go. Being accustomed to the cultures of the countries and the way of handling things can save you a lot of time and trouble when designing a strategy for going abroad. With the increasing importance of globalization, perhaps we will see more entrepreneurs with double nationalities who have learned to turn this given, which is usually considered a burden, into a blessing.

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